• The first Indian to be invited Internationally to Japan, Singapore, South Africa – 2002; USA and Switzerland – 2003; Poland – 2004; London, Cambridge, Wales, Lanarkshire, and Scotland – 2005-2006; Sweden – 2007-2014; Norway and Denmark – 2011; Germany, Austria – 2010-2014; Dubai – 2015; Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Turkey – 2016.

  • The first Indian to organize and set up Storywood, the first festival in Sweden in 2011.

  • The First Indian Storytelling Coordinator of the Red International Storytelling Network representing 163 countries around the world and recognized by UNESCO

  • First Indian coordinator of the Indian Storytelling Network.

  • First to start Diploma and Certificate courses in Storytelling.

  • On the board of Cambridge Public Schools, Bangalore; Mahatma Montessori Schools, Madurai; I care, Bangalore; Pedagogy department of the University of Gothenberg and Skovde, Sweden

  • Consultancy for setting up Story Centres and curriculum building for schools and the corporate sector.

  • Customised training for all needs. 



  • International Storytelling Center – Jonesborough, TN, USA.

  • University of Skovde, Sweden

  • Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh,


  • Ashoka Fellowship, 2000-2003

  • Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Award, 2002

  • Namma Bengaluru Award, 2012

  • Local Kalasha and Rotary Awards

  • Bangalore Hero Award, 2014

  •  Bangalore 94.3 Award, 2015

  • Bangalore Citizen Award – Namma Bengaluru, 2016

  • International Storytellers Award at the BoCA Deu Festival, Brazil, 2016

As I walk down the memory lane, my childhood years flash in my mind. What amazing years those were! Laughter, fun and a lot of joy filled my days and today when i look back, few of the most favourite moments of mine would involve my grandpa, whom i used to lovingly call as Koki, would be narrating stories to me!! These stories were of his own!! Starting from the stories of the disobedient little mouse, Mousie, who learnt his lesson when the 'Big Cat' bit Mousie's ears and finally , once his Mother Mouse rescued him!! And how the little mouse promised to listen to its mother, is still etched in my mind as one of my first ever memories of understanding the importance of being obedient as a child! There were more stories, like that of 'Mukuta" , the kid who did not like vegetables and how one fine day the vegetables boycotted him and he started becoming deficient of all the nutrition. My Koki's stories din't only end there...he used to help me learn History, Science and so much more...with amazing enactment of the various stories. So my 'Koki' was the greatest Story Teller I have ever known.

As i grew up, I as a student, participated in many story telling competitions and had won several State and National Story Telling and Story Writing competitions. These exposures to public speaking, vocabulary, enacting and conveying emotions through various facial expressions helped me to shape my personality to a great extent!! Even in my college days, I would study my 'Biochemistry' to 'Momentum Transfer'  ,associating concepts with small stories which helped me understand and remember concepts better!! So, Story-Telling has invariably contributed to my engineering college days as well!


Today, as an Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, I vouch for this methodology of imparting life skills and much more to people from all walks of life!! 'There is never, nothing happening' is an amazing statement I learnt from a movie called the 'Peaceful Warrior'.And oh my! What a statement it is. It makes me notice and feel the wind, the hustle of the feet in a busy street, the rain drops pattering on my windows, the songs of the birds to the satisfying sound of my mother humming her favourite melodies....and what better than inculcating these into stories and breathing life into these.

With that thought, me and my mother, Leena Dutta Baruah, started off our Kathalaya Learning Centre Guwahati, associated with the Kathalaya Academy of Story Telling, Bangalore,  founded by Geeta Ramanujam mam, which has created a paradigm shift in this form of Art! At our 'Story-Space' we share the same love and innocence of young minds to create a personality of their own. My mother who has been an educationist for over 18 years now has always used Story Telling as a tool to nurture children and provide great experiences to their lives through amazing Stories and Puppetry! The art of Story Telling also helps adults in being more expressive, confident and poised! So come and be a part of our amazing journey and lets weave tons of stories together...


Srishti Baruah

Chairperson, Kathalaya Learning Centre Guwahati

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