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“Though Leena ma’am was our biology teacher. She had a way of making discussions on micro organisms also fun. Things which did not make sense would become super easy once you hear it from her. That was Leena ma’am. When I look back at my childhood, I am so glad and thankful to Ma’am for giving us such a colourful childhood. Be it a highbrow Christmas play to enacting scenes from the jungle book, we’ve done it all. And not just plays, we have pulled off musicals and puppet shows as well. We made our own puppets and wrote our own scripts at the age of 13. She made it all so simple and fun. Most important of all she made us believe that we could do it."

- Megha Roy Talukdar

“Whether you are a class topper or a back bencher in the classroom, every student’s mind needs, above all, stimulus to learn and grow. Mrs. Leena ma’am was that teacher from my childhood who never failed to fulfil such a need in the classroom. However, her teaching methods went far beyond the textbooks. One day we would be learning why cells are the building blocks of life and the next day we would be acting in a school play about protecting the environment or witnessing a puppet show on ‘The Jungle Book’. No matter what, the learning never stopped. Today, I can say, without a doubt, that its times like those that have shaped my personality as a lawyer to learn more and more each day.”

- Tushar Gogoi

Story telling is something which I have enjoyed since my childhood. Being a professional dancer and choreographer, I at the onset of my career, started off in a direction that boasted of the fine art of 'story-telling' and amalgamating dance into various stories and making them more alive.  I believe that today's education system highly needs a change and story telling is one of the best ways to do so. Its engaging, entertaining and most importantly highly effective to reach out with a message to the kids. Today when i see Leena Aunty taking a step towards bringing a change through her passion, I feel inspired! She has already touched a lot of people's life including mine in various ways and she is going to add a lot of values to many more people through this platform. Today as an artist and entrepreneur, I am able to use my oratory and interactive skills to the best of potential because  this art of telling stories has really boosted my confidence and poise!! Kudos!!

- Ishita Banerjee 

'Stories give us a chance to re-discover ourselves' . Being into National Cadet Corps in my college days and getting a chance to represent India as a part of the Youth Exchange Programme held in Sri Lanka..I in those years had a great time experiencing the cultural performances in which we depicted various cultures of our tradition rich country through story enactments and music. The rich culture, amalgamated with fun filled story telling was a great way to keep the audience captivated! Hence, when I got to know that yet another amazing educator, Leena Aunty and my dear buddy Srishti, are venturing into the amazing concept of a School of Story- Telling, I was elated. This will serve as an excellent platform for youg minds to learn and explore the lands of imagination. Today, being an entrepreneur, I can totally stand by this amazing concept of 'Story Telling' which has helped me nurture my Stage Presence and a lot of my personality has been shaped by various stage shows and sessions I have been part of! Finally a Story Space in Guwahati!! An amazing opportunity....

- Nishant Anand

'He who is a story-teller is somebody who can create great changes in the world through his stories.'  These were the words my father told me at the tender age of 7. Although I did not really comprehend the meaning of the same at that time, but years later, today, when I look back I do understand what he tried to teach me. The world is nothing but a stage. We all live in a world of stories. Each person has his/her own tale to tell...and what better than the art of Story telling being shared in a platform this awesome! This 'Story Space' will open doors to not only kids, but also adults alike to add a lot of joy and colours to their imaginations! 

- Raghove Bhargove

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