Storytelling is the oldest form of education. When we talk of 'culture', we  always talk about it as a way of passing down beliefs, traditions and history to future generations. Stories are the core of all that makes us human. They seep into the heart and create a ripple of emotions and feelings. When we talk about story telling in education,  young and old alike are emotionally involved and truly enjoy the art of storytelling. It can help to create a positive attitude towards the learning process. According to Albert Einstein, Imagination is more important than knowledge and therefore stories are the best tools to lend wings to imagination which ultimately culminate into reality. Stories can act as humanising elements as they help the listeners to bond to the storyteller's thoughts and transport them to a world of pure joy, away from the concrete and encompassing logical boom which is gradually consuming the human mind. I quote lines from Thomas M. "Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book if written results in a person" . Therefore storytelling is a pedagogical tool which can open vistas of knowledge and allow the learner to imbibe the values of humanity and pave the way to the beautiful world.

Abiding by the native American proverb " Tell me the facts and I will learn.  Tell me the truth and I will believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever" , I ventured in to my passion of storytelling and puppetry and created my 'Story Space' - an insight in to the world of creativity and learning.


Leena Dutta Baruah

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